Most manufacturers today have the latest tools and technology, but few combine today’s tooling and technology advances with creativity, expertise, ethics, and integrity. We see our business differently than the way most business management textbooks recommend. At Daman, we look at things through the lens of our customers’ viewpoint. It’s a unique perspective that helps us find creative and innovative solutions that help our customers win work and succeed.

  • Custom Manifolds
  • Standard Manifolds
  • Fluid Conveyance

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Charlotte, NC

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11100 Park Charlotte Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28273
(704) 588-3234


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We’ve been at the forefront of hydraulic engineering for over 43 years, and we’re not stopping soon. Our reputation brimming with productive solutions has grown alongside our years of experience. From valves & pumps to complete systems, if you need anything related to hydraulic and pneumatic control, HPS is the solution provider for your business.


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